The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyzer May Be A Game Changer

On the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, guest Dr.Mike Lynn talks about Hound Labs' potentially revolutionary invention.   Jonathan Small April 24, 2020   1 min read Dr. Mike Lynn is the founder of Hound Labs, which manufactures the world’s first marijuana breathalyzer. Called The Hound, the device uses technology that makes it 1 billion times more sensitive [...]

Keeping The Cannabis And Hemp Supply Chain Alive Amid COVID-19

Iris Dorbian Apr 27, 2020   A farmer holds a cannabis plant.Getty With cannabis sales skyrocketing during the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping the supply chain alive and uninterrupted has been an ongoing challenge for the industry. Unlike other industries that can work remotely, those in the frontlines of cannabis cultivation do not have that option as [...]

The Cannabis Industry Could Get a Big Boost in the Next Stimulus Bill

Left out of the CARES Act and in dire need of cash, pot stocks need some assistance this year. Here's what could happen. David Jagielski (TMFdjagielski) Apr 25, 2020 While many companies are getting benefits from the government to help battle COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, cannabis is one industry that's been overlooked. [...]

Why cannabis won’t matter this November, but the election will be critical for the future of cannabis

Wake Up To The Truth

Apr 25, 2020

Late last year, headlines across the cannabis-sphere pondered whether or not Donald Trump might pull a last-minute “cannabis surprise” in the 2020 election. The theory went that Trump, who would do anything to win in a close race, could pivot to a legalization position. It would give younger undecided voters a reason to choose him over Biden. Every pundit and podcaster with a Twitter feed had a field day pushing the theory.

“At the same time, Trump is a man who will do anything to get re-elected,” wrote Bruce Barcott of Leafly last September. “If he senses a couple percentage points in a legalization pivot, he just might jump on it. Such a move won’t sway any Democrats. But it might give younger undecideds a reason to vote against Biden.”

Of course, like most punditry limited to the Twitteratti echo chamber, the Trump…

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Marijuana Legalization Could Provide Much-Needed Economic Relief To America Post-Pandemic

Mon, 04/27/2020 BRENDAN BURES Top marijuana CEOs argue that legalization could provide the American economy a necessary shot in the arm after the coronavirus pandemic. When the fog that is the coronavirus pandemic lifts, and the threat subsides, Americans will discover an economy in serious need of repair. Most up-to-date reports indicate that more than [...]

Contributions From The Cannabis Industry During COVID-19 Quarantine

Mon, 04/27/2020 KARHLYLE FLETCHER   From hand sanitizer to testing technologies to million-dollar memorials, the cannabis industry is stepping up. Amid a growing wave of criticism, it’s essential to keep in mind the bipartisan advantages of the cannabis industry, including the charity of several businesses. Cannabis is a proven medicine with distinct economic benefits and [...]