Your Ultimate Province-By-Province Guide For Buying Marijuana In Canada

By: Alana Armstrong   Photo by the Bialons via Unsplash When legalization begins Wednesday, Oct. 17, the only legal purchasable marijuana will be fresh or dried bud, oil, plants and seeds. The federal government is promising to spend the next year developing regulations around edibles (predicted by Deloitte to eat up 60% of the market [...]

Can hemp decontaminate soil? Here’s how italian farmers planted cannabis to save their land

by Marijuana News on Tue, 02/19/2019 Farmers in the Taranto region of Italy, once known for its cheeses, have resorted to planting a variety of cannabis on their land in order to clean up toxic industrial by-products that have contaminated their land. Vincenzo Fornaro told CBS News that for “generations,” his family produced meat and [...]

The essential cost guide to becoming a cannabis micro-cultivator in Canada

by Marijuana News on Fri, 02/15/2019   Tucked into the Cannabis Act—the federal legalization that allows for the legal sale of recreational cannabis in Canada—one will find the rules governing how to operate a micro-cultivation facility. Like the large licenced producers (LPs), there are licensing fees and security requirements; unlike those LPs, micro-cultivators are subject [...]