Why are millennials dropping alcohol for marijuana?

California twentysomethings are making the switch from alcohol to marijuana and as legalization spreads across the country, millennials across the nation will follow the trend. A study released earlier this year, produced by OutCo, a Southern California-based, cannabis company in partnership with Monocle Research, shows that more than 50% of Californians aged 18-29 are substituting [...]

Jeff Session’s Is Ready To Prosecute Against Medical Cannabis

June 13, 2017 Everyone’s favorite southern gentleman is back in the spotlight this week… This time, Mr. Sessions has personally reached out to Congress requesting that they undo the federal medical marijuana protection laws that have kept the industry out of the DOJ’s crosshairs since 2014. The letter has surfaced after being made public on [...]

Registration Fees Prove Cannabis Legalization is Really Just Us Buying Back Rights from Corrupt Government

    As an ever-growing body of scientific research further verifies the efficacy of medical marijuana as a natural alternative treatment for many ailments and for preventative health, more people are demanding access to this easy to grow weed. And while cannabis legalization sweeps the nation, state governments are becoming more open to the idea [...]

Lawmaker Busted for Drunk Driving Wants to Restrict Medical Marijuana Use

(ANTIMEDIA) Tallahassee, FL — A Florida lawmaker caught driving drunk just a few months ago voted today to keep smoked medical cannabis illegal in the state. Cary Pigman, a Republican congressman representing the 55th District in Florida came out strongly against allowing smokable marijuana in the bill that passed today in response to voters’ decision [...]

The Hemp Deception and the Stolen Future of the American People

  “Surely no member of the vegetable kingdom has ever been more misunderstood than hemp. For too many years, emotion-not reason-has guided our policy toward this crop. And nowhere have emotions run hotter than in the debate over the distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana. – David P. West Ph.D, North American Industrial Hemp Council. When [...]