Opioid Deaths Plummeting in States Where Weed is Legal

By: James Holbrooks As Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to lament what he views as a blight on society, a new study is showing that states with medical marijuana programs are seeing drastic reductions in opioid-related hospitalizations and overdoses. From a Reutersarticle published Tuesday: “In states that legalized medical marijuana, U.S. hospitals failed to see a [...]

Doctors Gave Boy 3 Days to Live, Then His Mom Secretly Gave Him Cannabis

  Carey Wedler, The AntiMedia Waking Times Media Both anecdotal evidence and clinical research are beginning to show the promise of cannabis in treating a variety of health issues. According to one family in the U.K., cannabis helped a dying teenage boy recover fully from complications from leukemia. The family recently appeared on the British [...]

DUI Checkpoints Now Include Mouth Swabs That Can Tell If You Smoked Marijuana Days Ago

  By Justin Gardner San Diego, CA – On St. Patrick’s Day, California’s southernmost metropolis decided to debut a roadside test for those suspected of driving under the influence of cannabis. Several “sobriety checkpoints” were set up throughout the city with the standard invasions of privacy, but this time they added a mouth swab test [...]

DEA Approves Synthetic Marijuana for Company That Spent $500K to Keep Weed Illegal

Lobbying in the nation’s capitol is a billion dollar industry, but sometimes, companies dip their toes into state and local politics, as well. When giant corporations want to influence bills and national elections, they generally spread their money around, cozying up to a number of politicians and shaking hands with numerous government officials. However, at [...]

AG Jeff Sessions Goes Full Reefer Madness

Jeff Sessions Goes Full Reefer Madness By: Carey Wedler Attorney General Jeff Sessions is terribly confused and wildly uninformed. That, or he’s a liar. Trump’s pick to head the Department of Justice has long opposed cannabis and enthusiastically supported the war on drugs. Though he reportedly recently assured congressional lawmakers he would not be instituting a [...]

Portugal Won the War on Drugs by Giving It Up

For more than 100 years the United States has looked to prohibition to curtail the use of drugs. Proponents argue that by making substances like marijuana, cocaine and heroin illegal, government can significantly reduce drug-related crime, prevent addiction and stop the spread of drug-related disease. The results have been less than impressive. In fact, Michael [...]

Marijuana – Decriminalization or Legalization … Get the Govt. Out!

This is a discussion we never needed to have if our government was operation within their Constitutional boundaries! Today We The People suffer a government that intrudes way too far into the realm of our personal lives, and well beyond their constitutional limits. Our prisons are overloaded with minor offenders of overreaching laws in place [...]

Colorado Sold Over $1.1 Billion In Cannabis Last Year — Money That Didn’t Go To Drug Cartels

Since legalizing cannabis across the entire state, Colorado has seen some amazing profits. In 2016, the first state to legalize marijuana for medical as well as recreational use has sold nearly $1.1 billion worth of cannabis and related products. Wow. Think about all that money that didn’t go to drug cartels and other various illegal [...]

Big Cannabis vs Activism – The Great Marijuana Divide In Canada

  Big Cannabis vs Activism – The Great Marijuana Divide In Canada It’s always fascinating to receive messages from people in the “unlicensed” marijuana community after writing an article about big business. The messages are almost always a comment on how something was not included in the piece that disparages the corporation in order to [...]